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Vendors from all over came to display the hottest trends in tile for 2020 at Syverson Tile & Stone’s Fall Vendor Show in Fargo, ND. They displayed all kinds of things we have never seen before, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Some of our favorite vendors from the show were Jeffrey Court, Original Style, Island Stone, and Petra Slate.

One thing the designers at the event discussed, was clients being afraid of bold patterns in tile.

Jeffrey Court Oceanside Glass Field Tile

“They may like them in a sample, but are afraid to incorporate them into their own home. I suggest taking a smaller area, like the laundry room, and create a fun tile wall or floor to brighten up the space. You can be daring in an area that small and you don’t have to use a lot of tiles to create impact. For instance, if you had upper cabinetry with floating shelves in between you could take a patterned tile, and use it as the backdrop. Or, simply do a small strip of backsplash in a bathroom. I always think it’s cool to take the wall your toilet is sitting on, and create a tile wall feature, and go up to the ceiling or halfway up the wall. The nice thing about having a tile backdrop is that it’s easy to wipe down! Another area that you can use bold tiles would be an entryway, mudroom or office space. If you have a niche that you would usually feature artwork, feature tile instead!” – Stacey Morris, RCH Interior Designer

If we had to pick a favorite, Chapter 7: The Cubism collection from Jeffrey Court stole the show.






Cubism by Jeffrey Court

“Inspired by the Avant-Garde movement of Cubism, leading themes originate from strong geometric shapes and high-contrast design like work from Cubist’s Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Chapter 7 mosaics and wall tiles were mindfully designed to highlight the splintered geometric shapes, multiple angles, and perception of depth that one would find in in artworks from the Cubism movement.” – Jeffrey Court






Oceanside Glass by Jeffrey Court

Being from California, the movement in this tile reminded our designer of the ocean waves meeting up with the coastal sand. Which easily relates to our waterfront views in the lakes area of Minnesota. This eco-friendly tile is composed of 100% recycled glass from Oceanside, California, making it a sustainable choice for your home. It is available in a perpendicular mosaic, acute mosaic, and a field tile; in color Clay, Cobalt, Ash, and White. Our favorite is the clay pictured below in the acute mosaic pattern. 






Oceanside Glass Perpendicular Tiles from Jeffrey Court

Another swoon-worthy tile from this collection was the abstract mosaic. This tile incorporates a matte natural colored stone, with polished accents, and metal pieces. We love the idea of using this in place of a traditional subway tile if a customer wanted to do something unique. It’s versatile enough to fit into any space but definitely eye-catching. We are used to seeing a lot of iridescent properties in glass tiles, but now companies are moving away from that, to a more matte finish with brushes of movement. Like the glossy thin line on this abstract mosaic. 






Abstract Mosaic from Jeffrey Court

Jeffrey Court doesn’t shy away from vibrant colors like this cobalt blue pattern tile shown in a kitchen backsplash.






Cobalt Blue Backsplash Cubism by Jeffrey Court

We couldn’t help but fall in love with Island Stone, a company created by surfers from Santa Cruz, California that moved to Bali, Indonesia. Their vision comes from the natural world. Their unique tiles mimic the patterns that are found in nature. Many of their tile offerings created 3D textures that were unmatched by other vendors at the show. 






Island Stone Exterior

The Crescent Interlocking honed tiles remind us of the bamboo trees. “The rendering often appears three dimensional often sculptural. A profiled wall, elevates texture, beyond the traditional limits of stone tile, blurring the line between design and fine art.” -Island Stone.

Island Timber is a wood panel created from reclaimed teak from homes in Indonesia that have been torn down. Ancient Indonesian wood, with modern lines, a unique alternative to shiplap paneling.






Island Timber

“Volcanic Pebbles washed and worn smooth, by crystal clear mountain streams, inspired their iconic pebble tile. Why not borrow from these rivers clean design to create a sense of serenity in our structures that mirrors the natural world” Island Stone’s pebbles are unique because the height of each pebble is standardized. Making it level and comfortable to walk on.






Perfect Pebble Alpine






King Pebble in French Tan






Perfect Pebble

Glass tiles crafted with the delicate symmetry of palm tree fronds or the sleek linear shape of Banyan trees in mind. Available in a gorgeous color palette that reminds us of island lagoons, water streams, jungle leaves, sand, and smoke. 

Original Style UK was our all-around favorite manufacturer for color and prints! Their 2020 Tile of the Year, Deco Tayberry, in a square format, with a small arch motif design detail, is featured in a blush pink hue. Each tile is hand-crafted by skilled artisans using the age-old screen printing method, so no two tiles are the same. 






Deco Tayberry – Original Style UK- Tile of the Year 2020






Original Style UK Pl\um

The range of colors in the Original Style UK collection is amazing. We rarely see deep berry tones like this plum subway tile. Or beautiful gold metallics like the tile pictured below.






Metallics by Original Style UK

Our final favorite was from Petra Slate. They had rustic rectangles mixed with a gloss metallic that would work well in any modern farmhouse style home. These are neutral enough to use if you don’t want a big change, but still, want to create visual interest.

The Syverson Tile & Stone Vendor Show really had it all, from rustic, modern, English tradition, to eco-chic. Whatever your style, stop into our showroom to see these new arrivals!

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