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Traditional style interiors are comforting and classic. Traditionally styled spaces can be described as calm, orderly, and predictable. Some choose to shy away from this style due to its reputation as boring and outdated, which it can be or it can give a homeowner the option to incorporate antiques and vintage pieces.

Consistency is key in a traditionally designed space. Rooms seek to create a feeling of calm and orderly. Everything within a traditional space seems to go together.

Furniture in a traditionally designed space will usually be upholstered with classic lines and understated details. Some might describe furniture in traditional homes as outdated and ornate. However, all pieces of furniture in a space will match and are consistent in style and color. You won’t find any surprises; everything fits the look of the room.

Fabrics in a traditional space are neither too shiny nor too textured. Florals, plain colors, muted plaids, tone-on-tone, and understated stripes are all common patterns for items like pillows and rugs.

Color in a traditional room is often in a mid-range of tones from very dark to very light. Traditional rooms will avoid neon brights and jarring combinations. On walls in a traditional home, you may also find chair rails or wallpaper. The ambience of a traditional room is often described as homey, understated, and comfortable.

You can also find crown molding and columns that add to the formal look of a traditional home. All rooms are typically centered around a focal point such as a fireplace with accessories on either side. Accessories of the space designed can include pairs of lamps, framed prints, china, and collections of books.

Predictability comes with a sense of comfort, familiarity, and accessibility. Any age group feels at home in a traditional space.