Black may not be a color that you are immediately drawn to when picking out paints, fixtures, or room accents. But we have some ideas below that will make you reconsider pushing black off to the side.

Black Paint

Let’s start with the use of BLACK as a paint color. What?? Yes, I meant what I said! It’s totally unexpected and dramatic!  When paired with the right color, like white, it gives a room the ULTIMATE POP! The key to making black walls work is to ensure that the majority of everything else in the room pops against it. The dark black backdrop is a perfect way to highlight other décor items like furniture and art.

When you are ready to take the plunge and paint a wall or all of your walls, be sure to consider whether glossy or matte paint will be best for your space. “Glossy lacquer black paint minimizes the dark tone and brings some light sheen into a space which helps bounce light around a room. While the other option of a matte finish will help hide surface imperfections and a warmer inviting feel to a room,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams.

Other Ways to Use Black

If using black paint is too much of a commitment for you, consider using black on the trim throughout your home. Incorporating black trim will assist in hiding scuff marks especially in homes with children and pets. Using trim around windows also allow you to showcase an outside view. Finally, if you have ceiling molding, painting it black assists to highlight the height of a room.

If you aren’t quite ready to use black paint, consider adding some black is with cabinet pulls. This is a simple way to incorporate the trend. Black pairs well with almost any other color or metal you may already have in your kitchen or bathroom. Along with the black cabinet pulls, you can acquire black lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures to carry the trend throughout the room.

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Information gathered from: New Home Source