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This is the “FUN”-damental part of your home…..

You guessed it, we’re talking about creating unforgettable kitchens!  The “Heart and Soul” of a home….  It’s where a lot of homeowners (understandably) play it safe but I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to lack personality! 

We’ve all seen the home improvement shows feature kitchens with these monochromatic color choices, (whites, grays, taupe, browns and maybe an accent of black here or there) BUT, are you yearning to do something different? Something a little unexpected? I promise to insert some “swoon-worthy” pictures that will inspire you and point you in the right direction! 

Designers nationwide are reporting that their clients are looking for something NEW and they’re seeing an “uptick” in colored cabinetry. Since this design trend made its debut, homeowners are injecting COLOR in the kitchen more than ever!

Make a Colorful Statement

Making this colorful statement can be scary and if you’re not bold enough to take the plunge and do all of your cabinets in colorful tones then opt for a splash of color on your island! Don’t have an island? That’s okay, insert that pop of color on your pantry door!

Don’t rule out doing your lower cabinetry in a painted color and your island in a stain or vice versa! You can even be more unique by throwing in a third tone in the mix like White to create some extra depth and interest! The bottom line is “LET YOUR HOME SPEAK THE REAL YOU.”

Sophisticated leaf green shades, as well as muted teals, are nudging in to compete and take center stage. Greens symbolize that feeling of fresh nature and revitalize your soul!  And AGAIN, choosing carefully can revive and stimulate your room!

Brave and moody blues alike with contrasting hardware is a “Win-Win” in this design playbook! If carefully chosen, colored cabinets can enhance and liven up your kitchen. Consider pairing a darker blue with gold or copper hardware for something unexpected! 

RCH Home and Design has the best selection in cabinetry hardware, with literally hundreds of unique choices you don’t see elsewhere. So, come visit us!

Not sure which way to lean?  Lean on me to help you choose the right hue for your space!