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Are you ready to build a home or do a home remodel? It is important to choose a contractor who has the right credentials.

Did you know that in the state of Minnesota a contractor who works directly with a homeowner to provide building construction services must hold a license? A license ensures that a company has met requirements. One requirement includes having a person within the business pass an exam and have liability and property damage insurance. Additionally, a licensed contractor must complete continuing education classes every year.


When you hire RCH Home & Design or our sister company RCH Custom Homes as your general contractor you can guarantee that our team are trained and provide quality craftsmanship. A general contractor is someone or a company who manages all aspects of a project. Some aspects include hiring and supervising subcontractors, getting building permits, and scheduling inspections. With the responsibilities that come with building or remodeling your home RCH follows all rules set by the state of Minnesota.

Therefore, this means that we verify that all subcontractors who work on our job sites are registered with the state. However, do not confused contractor registration with a license. A contractor registration is for independent contractors (subcontractors). Then, general contractors hire the subcontractors with a contractor registration. Registered contractors are not required to provide proof of insurance or bonding but licensed contractors do.

Registration Numbers

Registration numbers, which begin with the letters “IR,” are not license numbers. Homeowners should not hire a contractor based on registration. License numbers begin with “BC” (building contractor), “CR” (remodeler) or “RR” (roofer). Therefore, any contractor who gives you a license number that begins with “IR” is not a licensed contractor. This contractor should not be offering to contract with you as a homeowner to provide services for which a license is required.

If you do find yourself hiring an unlicensed contractor be aware that you may have less protection. Licensed contractors carry liability or property insurance, unlike most unlicensed contractors.

If you are ever unsure about a contractor, you can visit the State of Minnesota’s Department of Labor and Industry website to find ways to verify their license status.