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Transitional Design

A common design style used today is transitional. This style falls somewhere in the middle of traditional and modern. In traditionally designed homes, you will find warm, rich colors with furnishings that are classic with no surprises. Modern spaces have neutral colors, clean lines, and use natural materials like woods, metals and stone.

Transitional is perfect for someone who believes traditional design is a bit stuffy but stays away from modern styling because it is too cold and stark. Transitional avoids the extremes like the ornate character of traditional styles and the extreme plainness of modern.

What you will find in a transitional space are simple and sophisticated lines. Present elements of the past in an updated, fresh way. Combining granite counter tops with a stainless-steel farmhouse sink would be an example of transitional design.

The color palette of a transitional space is neutral which creates a clean, calming aesthetic. With the calming colors, fabrics than are typically diverse. Also use textures like corduroy, cotton, chenille, leather, and suede to carry out the color palette.

Combining Styles

Unlike in modern designs where metal, glass, and wood are used on their own to make a bold look, transitional uses a variety of combinations to add detail to the space. Lighter shades of wood inserted into a transitionally designed space often creates a calming vibe.

Bringing in elements from two very different design styles might seem like it would not work, however, the look if done correctly creates a mellow and simple space to enjoy. Transitional is a happy medium in design styles for anyone who can’t decide between traditional and modern.

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