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Detroit Lakes is getting a new home center and design team. RCH Home & Design is in the process of renovating the building at 2343 U.S. Highway 10. The approximately 4,000 square foot design gallery will offer home products and services from flooring, cabinets, and countertops to home design assistance and much more!

RCH Home & Design was previously run under the name RCH Home Center and was based out of Hawley, but after the addition of a full-time designer, the company felt that it was much more than just a home center.

The new Detroit Lakes location that previously held businesses like World of Christmas and Back Porch Quilts & Mercantile will now be home for RCH Home & Design, Xtreme Trophy Properties, and RCH Custom Homes. The location will be ideal for anyone who needs help with any sort of home question. “We are excited to offer one place where someone is able to receive real estate and home project help,” said Raymond Reading owner of RCH Home & Design, “we will truly be a one-stop shop for buying, selling, new builds, remodels, and additions.”

Our Goal

RCH Home & Design has one goal: to provide customers with professional, personalized design guidance focused on merging, comfort, and style into each project. At the location in Detroit Lakes, customers can find products like flooring, countertops, cabinets, fixtures and hardware as well as design services and product installation. Stacey Morris, the in-house designer for RCH, has experience in the lakes area and is the creative lead in design projects, new builds, remodels, and additions.

Building renovations are underway at the Detroit Lakes space. Once the showroom is open everyone is welcome to come in and find products, ideas, and assistance for their next project.

RCH Home & Design takes pride in serving their clients “from concept to completion.” Details about the store and its opening will be available on Facebook.