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So you’re on our website seeing what we can do for you, and you notice that other than products for your home project we can also offer design services. Now you have looked through the services tab on our page and still aren’t quite sure if you really need an interior designer for your remodel or redesign. Well, let’s go through our top five reasons you will want our interior designer on your project!


An interior designer has training and experience when it comes to almost every project you could think of tackling. While you may think you have excellent taste and are up to date on trends, our designer is constantly being trained. This means our designer can immediately know what is missing or what may need to be improved. Our expertise reason can be summed up into one quote from Jennifer Visosky, founder and creative director for Frame Design Co., “We have spent thousands of hours researching and perfecting our craft and in 15 minutes can find what would take you 20 hours.”

Another bonus of their expertise, they can help you set realistic expectations. Maybe what you want to do in your home isn’t possible or doesn’t even exist! Or if it does they can help inform you of how much it would cost to do.


Interior designers have a network of contractors at their fingertips. They have access to all the humans and materials that it would take to get your project completed right the first time. Another perk to using an interior designer, they can buy goods and materials that aren’t commercially available. Additionally, they get a discount that may help you stay within budget!


This is important because we know how busy everyone’s life can be. Using an interior designer means that your project stays on track with no distractions. They take the reins and handle the project from start to finish. This means you don’t have to worry about ordering materials or finding a contractor for each task.

Number 4: SAVE MONEY

Saving money is at the top of everyone’s wish list when it comes to home projects. While many may think that hiring an interior designer can be expensive, they actually end up helping you stay within your budget when it comes to labor and materials. They know all the options out there and can select a product that you and your bank account love.


If you aren’t planning on staying in this home forever, then working with an interior designer will help when your resale value. Interior designers work to find ways during any home project to increase a home’s value. While they are designing for you, they are also committed to the overall improvement of your home.

If those five reasons sealed the deal for you, contact us!

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